How to save internet data when you have limited volume

If you have a limited volume of internet data, you should be thinking of restricting data usage by your browser and other PC utilities. There are 3 top things you can do to significantly save your internet data.

1. Disable Windows automatic updates

2. Disable images on browsers

3. Use the mobile version of websites instead of the desktop version

Disable Windows automatic updates

Windows will search and download updates whenever there is an internet connection if the Automatic Windows update is turned on. This may consume unnecessary data when you have limited volume. You can do this manually when you have unlimited data, for example when you are in the office or when are connected to unlimited broadband internet.
You can disable automatic updates in the control panel. In Windows 7, you can use a search to go to Windows update settings. Press the Windows button and type “update” and select “Windows update”. Then select change settings, in the first drop-down select “Never check for updates (not recommended)”.

Disable images on browsers

When you are just looking for text information like news, scores, etc., you can disable the loading of images that are not necessary. To disable image loading, follow the steps below on Google Chrome.

                Go to settings by selecting the wrench button at the top right corner of                         Chrome
                Search for “image”
                Then select “content settings”
                Under images select “Do not show Images”

Use the mobile version of websites instead of the desktop version

Many popular websites have their mobile versions, which consume significantly less data when compared to desktop versions. The Mobile version does not load any rich content like high-resolution images, animations, flash content, videos, etc., thus avoiding a lot of data transfer. If you remember the website names, then just add “m.” at the beginning of the URL to get the mobile version of the website. has mobile version

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