Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro new features

Redmi Note 8 Pro is among the most anticipated flagship phone in the last few months in India. Now that it is available and I wanted to list out some of the features that new on this device and interesting.

You can connect to Wifi and enable Hotspot at the same time

This is a very interesting feature. You can enable WiFi and at the same time, you can enable the hotspot. Earlier, either you could enable WiFi or enable Hotspot at the same time. That means you could use mobile data in the hotspot. Once you enable the hotspot, your WiFi would be disabled and when you enable the WiFi, your hotspot would be disabled. With this, you could only share your mobile data through the hotspot. Now you can use the WiFi data to share the internet through the hotspot.

With this, you can use your mobile as a WiFi repeater, as a WiFi relay. If your WiFi router is a bit far from your TV, for example, and if the strength of the Wifi signal is weak, then you can keep your mobile phone in between these 2 devices. This works perfectly.

You can share your WiFi internet with other devices.

Built-in screen recorder with audio recording feature

The earlier versions did not support the audio recordings. Now, this is been enabled. But it is not enabled by default. You need to enable it in the App setting. Under settings, within the App, go to "Sound Source". You will get three options. Mute, Mic, and System sound.

Disable or edit the Camera watermark

You will see a watermark on the photos taken with many flagship phones where the camera is one the feature to be showcased or a selling point for the manufacturers. But not all of like it for obvious reasons. If you do not like it, well, there is an option to disable it. Wait, what if you do not like the default watermark and you want to have your own watermark, well, there is an option.

Open the camera, go to Settings, then select the Watermark option under the Camera section. You can toggle the default watermark or you can make a custom watermark as per your likings. Note there that, you can also add the timestamp

Game turbo mode.

It enables smooth graphics and speed. The enhancement includes faster Frames Per Second graphics, WiFi and 4G enhancement, and sound quality optimization. Overall the gaming experience will improve a lot better.

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