How to make an Excel macro available for entire excel in a PC - Excel add-ins

This post will show you how to make an Excel macro available for entire MS Excel in a PC. Whatever macro you write will only be available to that particular file. When you open a new Excel file you need to copy-paste or rewrite the entire macro again in the new excel workbook. You can avoid this by making an Excel Add-In. You can place the excel macro somewhere and make it as an add-in. whatever functionality present in the macro(add-in) will be available to the entire excel in your PC. It will be similar to your =SUM() function. When you try to insert the function, you can see your own functions in the “User Defined Functions” category

Let’s do it

1.       Open an Excel workbook
2.       Press ALT+F11
3.       In the project explorer( left side pane) select “VBA Project (book2)”, right-click Insert, then select Module. A blank page opens in the middle.
4. open this link and copy-paste the code here
5.       Press again ALT+F11, this brings back to excel.
6.       Save the excel file as Excel 97-2003Add-in (*.xla)
a.       By default, it will save under C:\Users\krishnasg\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\AddIns in Windows 7. You change this if you want, but this is a safer place.
b.      Close the excel and remember to save it
7.       Open a new excel workbook. In the excel menu Ribbon (i.e. File, Home, Insert, etc.) find Developer Menu item. If it is not showing for you, then you can enable it in the excel options. See below To enable Developer Menu item in Excel Ribbon
a.       File -> Excel Options -> Customize Ribbon in the right-hand side check the Developer check box if
8.       Under the developer menu, select Add-Ins. You will see a list of available add-ins. You can also see your add-in book2  select that and say OK.
9.       Now your add-in is ready to use in any workbook across your computer

Number system grouping in Indian system in Excel

By default all computer have number grouping of 1000 separator system, like ###,###,###. But we Indians follow 1000 and 100 separator system like ##,##,###. We can change this default setting to the Indian System in Windows 7. I have not checked in Windows XP.

Follow the below steps to change the default settings

An easy way by means of Windows Search

1. Press Windows Button
2. Type "Regional Settings" in the search box
3. select "Change the date, time and number format"
4. In the "Formats" tab select "Additional settings"
5. Under the "Numbers" tab see Digits Grouping" and change it to the Indian system.

Manual steps if you don't have Windows Search

1. Go to "Control Panel"
2. Select "Region and Language" or if you have a Categorized view select "Clock, Language, and Region" and "Change the date, time and Number format".
3. Go to Step 4 above

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