Excel conditional formatting based on multiple cell values

1. Condition on a single cell

To apply conditional formatting based on the values of multiple cells. In other words, format a cell where formatting cell is different and conditional cell is different.

Click on the cell where you want to apply for formatting

Go to Home on the Ribbon, then select Conditional Formatting.

Then select the last option, "Use a formula to select which cell to format"

Now, in the formula cell write the formula for your condition


2. Conditions on multiple cells

What if you have to consider multiple cells for the condition?

Condition cell 1: Value equal to 10
Condition cell 2: Value equal to "Krishna" 

You need to build a formula with multiple conditions using AND operator. Based on your requirement, you can also use OR operator. Not just AND and OR, you can use any of the available functions in the MS Excel. The overall result should be TRUE or FALSE. It does not matter how complex your formula is, what does matter is the return value.

Now, build this formula and paste it in the conditional formatting formula bar.

=AND($B$6=10, $C$6="Krishna")

How to control your Android Phone from PC | How to make a phone call from Laptop

Have you ever thought of using your Laptop or in general a PC to make a call? It would be easier if there is an option available to make a call or receive a call. Yes, there is an option to use your PC to make a call.

In other words, connect your mobile phone to your PC and control it. Without touching your phone you can make a call, send an SMS or transfer a file between your PC and your Mobile. You can even open a link in the Mobile browser. 

There is a utility called AirDroid, using this you can connect your phone to PC. Then, from within your PC dial a number or send an SMS, etc. This is very handy if you are using the phone most frequently when you are in front of your Laptop.

How to setup.

On your Android mobile, download and install the Airdroid mobile app. On your PC, you have an option either install a desktop application or you can use the web application. 

If you don't want to install any application on your desktop, then go to http://web.airdroid.com/.  It will give you 2 options. One, you can register yourself in an existing email. Second, you can just scan the QR code and connect instantly.

In your mobile phone, Open the AirDroid app. Scan the QR code and click on SIGN IN. That's all, you are ready to control your phone from within the Laptop

You will see this below screen. This is the main screen, you will get all the option on this page.

You can do below tasks from your Laptop

  • Make a Call or receive a call
  • See the notifications
  • Send an SMS
  • Play music or video which is present in your phone. You don't have to copy them to your PC
  • Open the camera and take photos or record a video
  • Find my Phone
  • See the call logs
  • Status bar, which shows battery percentage, network connectivity

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