How to set Python3 as default interpreter for VS Code | or set any version as default interpreter.

Want to run your python code with a particular python version in Microsoft VS Code? And, make it the default version?
Read on.
Make sure that the required version is installed. You check the available version and the path by running this command.

I am trying this on Apple Mac. It should be similar in Windows Machines as well.


Open the VS Code, at the bottom of the screen you will Terminal. If it is not visible, Go to View and then select Terminal.

Check the available python versions and their path. 

 % which python  


 % which python2


 % which python3 



Run this python code to check what version is used by default. 

import platform

You will get this

('2', '7', '16')

<type 'tuple'>

Now you know the path and versions available.

In the VS code, go to the View menu and select Command Pallete

Now search for Python and you will get all the installed versions of Python.

Then select Python: Select interpreter. You will get all the installed versions of python. Select the one you want to be associated with your script.

Now run the same code again to check what is the default version set.

import platform

('3', '7', '1') <class 'tuple'>

SOLVED | AdSense Approval Issues and Fixes for Site down or Unavailable | How to Fix

I tried to get an AdSense approval for my site but I got a mail from AdSense saying the site is down or unavailable. But the site is definitely accessible and all the other requirements are taken care of. The site is also very old and the domain itself is 3 years old. There are no issues with page views as well. 

Here is my situation.

I have an approved AdSense for YouTube. I got my blogger site upgrade to a top-level domain. This is the requirement to link your YouTube AdSense to your blogger site.  

I have taken care of all the requirements to apply for the AdSense for my site. 

1. Clean design and unique content. No issue with the design as I have created it using a blogger theme. 

2. About page, Contact Us Page, Privacy Policy Page. These are mandatory 

3. Top-Leve Domain

After applying for the AdSense I got the denial mail and looking at the reason, I was convinced that there must be a small mistake in the Domain setup or blogger settings.   

I tried these things and found the culprit. 

Make sure to check all these steps so that you will not get another denial. 

1. Check if the site is accessible with different combinations of WWW, HTTP and HTTPS

Note that my site still runs without HTTPS, yet to add SSL certificate.  

All these combinations worked. 

So no issues at this point. 

2. Check the DNS settings from your Domain service provider. All CNAME settings were found to be good. Going wrong here has less chances,  if there are any issues with your domain settings, your site may not be accessible. 

So no issues found yet. 

3. Check if you have custom rebots.txt enabled 

This is one of the major reasons why approval is denied. Check the settings of your blog or you can just check the content of your robots.txt by appending robots.txt to the domain URL

Make sure that your robots.txt is not blocking any of the Google servers. 

This is the default robots.txt from my site. 

User-agent: Mediapartners-Google

User-agent: *
Disallow: /search
Allow: /


checked my blogger settings and custom robots was turned off. 

This is also clean and not the culprit for my approval denial. 

4. Upload your sitemap to Google. 

I had done this before but, I did upload the sitemap.xml again. I am not sure if this will cause any issues. As long as your pages are searched from Google and you are getting the views then this should not be a problem. 

I do not think this was a problem for my site. 

5. While configuring your custom domain you might have selected the option "Redirect Domain". 

You will get an option to redirect your non-www site to www site under the Publishing tab of your blogger settings.  

like to

When I checked this setting, it was turned on. I guessed this could be the issue. Since we are providing the non-www site while applying for AdSense. It is better to turn off this redirection. So Google can find and navigate the www site.

My guess was right. After changing this setting,  I again applied for review. After 2 days, I checked the status and it was approved. :) 

Thank you and let me know what worked for you. 

Notes: If you are applying for the AdSense for the first time for your blogger site, then you have to do it from within the blogger's earnings tab. 

If you already have an approved AdSense then you have to have a custom domain and from the AdSense account login, you have to apply for the site approval. 

How to create MS Word document automatically with Excel

MS Word and Excel can do wonders together.  You can do a lot of automation using these 2 applications for your small and medium businesses.  Here is one such solution.  

Generating the MS word report automatically using excel as a data source. Mail merge is used to link data from excel to word. Then a simple macro is used to get the desired record from Excel Spreadsheet.

Download the MS word document and Excel spreadsheet used in this video here

Please use this link

If you are not able to access this link, let me know. The link in my YouTube channel was not working, now I have uploaded the files here. 

[SOLVED] MacBook Pro keyboard backlight not working? Check this post

Keyboard backlight not working on your MacBook Pro? And your Mac has a touch bar? 

Continue reading...

MacBook Pro 2020 which comes with a touch bar has moved its Keyboard backlight controls to the touch bar. You will not see any control on the screen under the Keyboard settings. But the setting in the touch bar is also not easy to see and it bit tricky. You most probably, think that there is some issue with Keyboard. Even the support people suggest resetting some of the settings. That is what happened with my case. Luckily I found a way to change the settings. 

By default, the Keyboard backlight settings are not visible on the touch bar. You have to expand the tra-like stuff on the touch bar and then you will find icons, which look similar to screen brightness control icons. 

On the right side of your touch bar, you will these 4 controls

1. Screen Brightness control 

2. Volume control 

3. Mute control 

4. Siri button. 

Left these controls there is an arrow button which looks like '<', by clicking on this, you will see more controls. 

Once you click on the left arrow mark as shown in the above picture, it will open up more controls. 

At the center of the touch bar, you will see controls that look similar to Screen Brightness controls. You can use these to adjust the backlight of the Keyboard. 

How to create self signed ssl certificate, easy steps

 These are the ready commands to create self-signed SSL certificate. These certificates can be used for testing purposes. For a production-grade application, you need to contact a CA authority to get the actual SSL certificate. But for your internal testing, you can always use a self-signed SSL certificate. 

Here are the steps to create a Self Signed SSL certificate using OpenSSL

# generate self sigend ssl certificate

rm -rf *.pem

echo "Generating CA certificates"

# Step 1: generate CAs certificate

openssl req -x509 -newkey rsa:4096 -days 365 -keyout ca-key.pem -out ca-cert.pem -subj "/C=IN/ST=kartnataka/L=bangalore/O=test/OU=test/CN=*"

#inspect the CAs certificate

#openssl x509 -in ca-cert.pem -noout -text

# Step 2 generate server sign request certificate which will be used for self signing. Change the subject to as per web server

echo "Generating Server certificate sign request"

openssl req  -newkey rsa:4096 -keyout server-key.pem -out server-req.pem -subj "/C=IN/ST=kartnataka/L=bangalore/O=sever/OU=server/CN=*"

#openssl x509 -in server-req.pem -noout -text

# Step 3 Sign certificate

echo "Signing the server certificate with CA"

openssl x509 -req -in server-req.pem -CA ca-cert.pem -CAkey ca-key.pem -CAcreateserial -out server-signed-cert.pem

# Inspect the signed certificate

#openssl x509 -in server-signed-cert.pem -noout -text

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