How to create a self signed SSL certificate and how to use it with your web Server.

SSL certificate is the foremost important aspect of any website. If your website is running without the SSL, the modern browsers will stop the users from entering the website. Of course, there are ways to bypass that, at your own risk. As long as your website has no commercial data exchange, sensitive user information, etc, you are still good to run a website without a proper SSL certificate. For example, a blog can run without an SSL.  Note that Google AdSense accepts websites without SSL.  But the topic of this post is about Self Signed SSL certificate. How to create one, how to use it, and where to use it.  Let us see where to use it. For any website which is used for internal purposes, it's always a good idea to use Self Signed SSL, instead of paying for a real SSL certificate. Internal I mean, within a company, team, or for personal uses, for testing purposes, etc.  Now, let us see how to create a self-signed SSL certificate.  What you need A Linux machine.  OpenSSL utility  A

How to install Apps in Android TV

As Android TVs are becoming famous, it's obvious to know whether it will allow us to install apps on Android TV the way we do it on Android mobile and to know how to install the apps on TV. The same version of a particular app may not support all the TVs and you might not get all the apps available for Mobile. But certainly, there are plenty of apps for various purpose and it can be installed on Android TV.

There are two ways to install an app on Android TV. Please note that this procedure is specific to MI Android TV. A similar procedure can be used for other Android TV.

Install using .apk file

The first option is to install it from a .apk file. The apk file has to be downloaded and copied into a USB using a computer. Insert the USB drive into TV, go to the location of the apk file inside the USB drive. Open the selected apk file, it will ask you to enable or trust the 'third party app' installation. If you have not done this before, got to settings and enable it. Please note that it may be a security violation if you install it from an unauthorized source. Before installing an app from an unknown source, understand the consequences, and proceed. 

Install using an App Store

The second option is to install from Android TV-specific App Store. The App Store has to be installed using the first method - apk installation from USB.

There is one App store called AptoideTV. It has all the major apps which are more than enough to get all the required apps for your Smart TV 


Download the apk for AptoideTV-3.2.5.apk from the below link. Copy it into a USB drive and insert it into your TV. Browse to the location, where the apk is present and click on the apk file. It will ask you to enable the Third-Party App installation.

Once the App Store is installed, you can use it like any other App Store. Browse or search for an app from different categories and install. 

Check out this video which shows how to install the Chrome App on 32 inch MI TV 


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