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How to create a self signed SSL certificate and how to use it with your web Server.

SSL certificate is the foremost important aspect of any website. If your website is running without the SSL, the modern browsers will stop the users from entering the website. Of course, there are ways to bypass that, at your own risk. As long as your website has no commercial data exchange, sensitive user information, etc, you are still good to run a website without a proper SSL certificate. For example, a blog can run without an SSL.  Note that Google AdSense accepts websites without SSL.  But the topic of this post is about Self Signed SSL certificate. How to create one, how to use it, and where to use it.  Let us see where to use it. For any website which is used for internal purposes, it's always a good idea to use Self Signed SSL, instead of paying for a real SSL certificate. Internal I mean, within a company, team, or for personal uses, for testing purposes, etc.  Now, let us see how to create a self-signed SSL certificate.  What you need A Linux machine.  OpenSSL utility  A

How to get Unlimited Jio preview offer with Redmi Note 3

If you follow these steps carefully you will get the unlimited offer with Jio on your Redmi note 3. Get the old apk of MyJio app from below link Install MyJio and then all 11 applications from the app store do not open any application Turn off your data/wifi Open the MyJio app, then click on MyJio again. You will see 3 options Get Jio SIM, Sign In and Sign Up. Select Sign in Enter your Jio ID and Password. You can generate your Jio ID by linking your Jio number with email ID on Do not click on Sign In. Just enter the ID and Password. Turn on the data/wifi Click on Sign In. You have to try a couple of times to get to the next screen where it will ask you to submit.  Once you get the submit button click that and that's all. Your unlimited offer is credited. Enjoy unlimited Digital life for 3 months. Please your story on the comments below.