Monday, May 18, 2015

How to create a template in MS Word

This video shows how to create a template in MS Word. Templates are useful for automating word documents. You can store repetitive values somewhere in the bookmark and place them wherever needed.
There are 3 steps to create MS word templates.
Step 1
Create a section of bookmarks, which hold the value you enter. These are hidden.
Step 2
Create field code to populate the values. Use ASK filed to get the values from user and store them in the bookmarks created earlier.
Step 3
Create fields where you want to place the values stored in bookmarks. use the FORMULA field to get the value from bookmark and place them wherever you want
code  REF Bookmark name
Finally you can create a macro to update all the values. For this you can create a button and assign the code to it.
Private Sub Update_Click()
End Sub

You can download the example word document here 


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