Saturday, December 14, 2013

MS Excel currency converter - Number to words Latest version

MS Excel currency converter 3.0 has been updated with bug fixes.

This is the new version of my amazing currency converter VBA utility for MS Excel. The macro will convert the currency number which is in number to text. For example, Rs. 14,250 is common standard to represent money of Indian Rupees Fourteen Thousand, Two Hundred and Fifty. This VBA code takes the input as 14250 and prints as 'Fourteen Thousand, Two Hundred and Fifty'.

It can be used in writing cheques, generating financial reports, MIS reports, and other accounting purposes. If you are familiar with accounting software such as Tally, you will know that the currency number is converted into text. But this feature is not available in the MS Excel.

The earlier version had few bugs which were reported by the users. I have fixed them in this version. 

Below are the list of bugs fixed

1. For 1000 and 100000 it was resulting in a null string. Now it has been fixed.

You can download the VBA module here. After downloading go to your Excel VBA editor. Then, go to Insert Menu, Insert Module. Paste the VBA code just downloaded. Go back to your excel spreadsheet by pressing ALT+F11. Start using the new function.


Download here the Complete Excel.

Please let me know if you have any specific questions to currency converter or any generic VBA code questions. If you are looking for any new features in MS Excel or MS Word, I will try to implement them in using the VBA code.  


  1. I have installed this module ... In my case for when i enter "2000" it shows as "twenty two thousand"
    Thanks for your help

    1. I could not reproduce this error. Please re do the steps again.
      I have release a latest version 4.0 with some bug fixes. Take look at it once

  2. Krishna,your code gives errors for numbers greater >2000 & nos in lacs. Just as Murthy mentioned the code shows "twenty two thousand" for 2000 & "twenty two lacs" for 2,00,000.
    Please help to debug this error.

    1. Hello Arti,

      Thanks for notifying me the issue with 2,00,000. I Have fixed it in the latest version

      Your feedback will encourage me

  3. Word Rupees should be before not after.
    For Ex. Rupees One Lac Fifteen Thousand Two Hundreds Fourty Five & Twenty Five Paisa.

  4. How to use the function in excel file

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